Reno Onsite Computer Repairs

Unlike repairs shops, RenoGeek offers most of it’s computer repair services right at your home or office. On a timetable that meets your needs and schedule. This gets your computer repaired faster and you don’t have to figure out how to put it all back together when you get home. Also being onsite let’s us spot things most people forget. (Did you bring that backup drive to get virus scanned also?)

And as we are already onsite we can check out other systems as well as giving you personal one on one time with a knowledgeable technician, so all your computer repair questions can be answered. And we can help you plan future improvements to your computers and network since we can see firsthand how you work.

RenoGeek can work with you to address any computing need you may have. Everything from Antivirus Products, Backups, Computer Repairs, Networks,  Website Design and Virus Removal. So please give us a call today for a free, no obligation phone consultation or send us a email.

Get your new computers and devices setup

Got lots of new devices this Christmas? Not sure how to set them up or get them working on the Internet? Call RenoGeek for a service call to get your new toys up and running fast. A quick appointment with Renogeek can help you get data transferred from your old computers to your new ones. As well as making sure your new devices are secure and setup correctly from the start.

And don’t forget to protect your ID. Don’t just toss your old devices in the trash. Make sure all your data has been expertly removed so others can not recover it from your used equipment .

Beware of “Techs” that call you at Home or the Office

Over the last month RenoGeek has been getting new reports from our computer repair clients that scammers have been calling them saying that their computer is infected. Then these fake technicians launch into a high pressure sales pitch telling clients that they must repair their system immediately or some dire consequence will occur or that they will have to be reported to some law enforcement agency if they do not go ahead with a “repair”.

These scammers will name drop companies that people are aware of such as Microsoft or Norton to make them seem more legitimate.

Please be aware that no real company will call you to instigate an emergency computer repair or virus removal.

RenoGeek recommends that if you get such a call to hang up immediately and not to answer followup phone calls from them.

If you have had such a “repair” done by these scammers or let them into your computer to show you some kind of infection or damage they are claiming you have, RenoGeek recommends you call your regular computer repair professional to make sure your systems security has not been breached or your data stolen.

If you do not already have such a professional technician. Please consider calling RenoGeek for help with this and your other PC support needs.


Windows 10 Free Upgrade ends July 29th

Microsoft has announced that it will end it’s program to upgrade users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 for free on July 29th 2016. After the free offer ends users will have to buy Windows 10 as they have had to do with other versions of Windows in the past. Please contact RenoGeek if you need help in upgrading your system before the free offer expires.

Windows 10 upgrades

It seems that Microsoft is pushing end users harder and harder to upgrade to the latest operating system. And with that upgrade comes the need to learn how to navigate the new O/S, making older software work with the new version of Windows and finding newer drivers so that Windows will work with all your hardware. Not to mention setting up security to work well on this new O/S and changing the default privacy settings to increase your safety and protect your identity.

While all this sounds like a up hill battle with your system,  RenoGeek can help you make the transition to Windows 10 less painful. Call today to find out what we can do for you. Right at your home or office.