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Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek

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Need Award winning Computer Repair & Support in Reno, Nevada?

RenoGeek has won Angie's list Super Service award for both 2013 and 2014!

RenoGeek is Reno's award winning computer repair and support expert.

RenoGeek has been helping clients in Reno Nevada with their computer repair and PC support needs since 2005 with professional on-site computer repair services. James, the owner of RenoGeek has been building and repairing computers since 1975.

When you need on-site computer repair and support, Virus removal, Data recovery, Website design & hosting, Network support or just making sure your data is secure. RenoGeek can assist you. If it's done on a computer and your in Reno, RenoGeek can help you with any PC support need you may have. At your Home or Office.

With over 30+ years in the computer repair and PC support field RenoGeek has pretty much done it all. And unlike many if you have a virus, need data recovery, have a problem with your website or network we don't charge you an arm and a leg to get everything fixed.

RenoGeek can help you with any computer support or repair issue. Providing expert on-site computer repair services at your home or office anywhere in the Reno Nevada area. So now there is never a need to travel all over town to repair your PC again!

Do you have a computer repair question or PC support question? RenoGeek offers Free computer support phone Consultations to anybody in the Reno Nevada area, please call (775) 313-1951 for No obligation Computer Help over the phone or Ask me a Question Now. RenoGeek is a local based business right here in Reno Nevada.

Look around the website to learn more about me and the PC repair and support services I offer. Or check out my Reno Computer Repair Specials.

As one of the highest rated and most experienced Computer Repair technicians in Reno, I can help you with any computer problem you may have.

RenoGeek is Certified & Licensed to work in Reno and has over thirty years of Professional Computer Repair experience. I work with all types of PC software and support most computers made over the past 30+ years.

RenoGeek's View on Computer Repair

Computers are tools that most find hard to live without today. And with this growing dependence comes frustration when your computer is not working as it should.

RenoGeek's goal is to make your Computer repair as painless as possible. And not to overwhelm you with confusing computer terminology. I explain in real english what is going on with your PC and how to repair it. You are never talked down to or made to feel dumb because you don't know the latest in computer technology. That's my job to help you with. And I make it easy by coming to your Home or Office for all your repai needs.

Computers should be a tool your both comfortable using and feel at ease getting repaired. I can help you with these goals.

Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek = Best Value for your computer repair dollar

While almost every computer repair company in Reno claims to have the cheapest rates, the best value is always a combination of fair pricing and expert level computer repair experience.

Cheap computer repairs have little value if you lose data or waste time getting your system repaired again and again. A Computer Repair by RenoGeek offers real value because your computer gets fixed right and at a fair price.

Check around Reno, some companies charge $400+ for PC repair. Or just use computer repair as a guise to sell you a new PC. I never "upsell" you, just great repairs in Reno.

I have more computer repair and support experience then many others, beating the average "big box" employee by decades. Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek can exceed your PC support needs and do so with rates better then most in Reno.

Best Computer Repair & On-site Support in Reno

I Support all kinds of Computers and their Software. No matter the problem you have. I can repair it. I provide service without all the geekspeak and at a fair price.

With Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek you get...

* Superior Computer Repair and Support Services.
* All computer brands serviced, both laptops & desktops.
* Home or office on-site technology repairs and PC support.
* Computer advice and support.
* Always Fair prices and honest answers to your computer questions.

I offer a level of service that only comes from over three decades of full time computer repair experience and PC support. I started with personal computers when they first came out. So I know everything about them. Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek only charges for the repair work done on your PC. Your never charged for extras like "travel time" or other nonsense.

I make real appointments, based on your schedule. So you never have to wait from 9-5 for somebody to show up and repair your computer. I always come to you when I say I will and am ready to repair your computer the moment I arrive.

I provied on-site computer repair at times that work for you! Including Nights and Weekends anywhere in Reno.

No Surprise Computer Repair Charges

Many companies in Reno run ads for dirt cheap computer repairs and then stick you with a padded invoice. I charge what I quote you! That's it! My rates NEVER increase because you have a virus, need data recovery, have a networking problem or run a business from your home.

I don't nickel and dime your computer repair because I know when you get good service you will keep coming back and let others know about the great computer repair services I offer. Over 85% of my new customers are from word of mouth. So I make my money by being a great Computer Repair Technician that's always in demand. Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek has always been known for it's fair PC repair prices.

You never have to guess how much your PC repair will cost. I will tell you upfront what I expect your computer repair to run. And if I can't tell you immediately, I will find out and provide you with a estimate BEFORE any work is done. Repairs are never done without your approval.

On-Site Computer Repair and support is just Better

On-Site computer repair at your home or office is just better then unplugging everthing and taking it into a computer store. A store can never see how your computer is setup and they can't see how it's used or what else is connected to it. So even if it works in their shop your computer may not work once you get it home.

With On-Site service you get personal care and have time to ask questions and learn about your computer. Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek never rushes you and I make sure all your questions are answered before leaving. Your never just somebody in line, like at stores.

Many times being on-site I can spot issues with your computer you might not even know you had. Or find the clue that gives us insight to what repair you need. When a technician can come to where the computer is being used they get the whole picture. You just can't see everything at a shop.

So with On-Site service your computer is fixed faster and more accurately because the technician can see everything going on.

For systems that can't be repaired on-site we offer free pick up and drop off anywhere in Reno.

So Don't drag your computer all over Reno and wait to get it back.

Call Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek (775) 313-1951 for a free phone consultation to find out more about my computer repair services. Or setup a service call today to have your computer repaired anywhere in Reno.

Guaranteed Service and PC Repairs in Reno

The real test of a computer repair company is how far they will go to backup their claims. Many places in Reno just offer 14 or even 7 day warranties on Computer Repair. Reno Computer Repair by RenoGeek backs up all services provided with a 30 day written MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on labor and a one year warranty on all new computer hardware sold.

This includes 30 day warranties on virus removal (most will not warranty virus removal at all).

To be blunt RenoGeek computer repair just has higher repair standards then many in Reno offer today.

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