Onsite Computer Repair at your Home of Office

Reno onsite computer repair

Reno onsite computer repair

Onsite computer repair at your home or office is just better then unplugging everything and taking it into a computer store to fix. A store can never see how your computer is currently setup and what is connected to it. So even if the computer works in their repair shop your computer may not work once you get it home because something connected to your PC was the cause of the problem or needs additional attention as part of the overall repair .

With Onsite computer repair you get real personal care and have time to ask questions and learn more about your computer system and the software that it runs. A Computer Repair with RenoGeek never rushes you and we can make sure all your questions are answered fully answered before leaving. As we can take the extra time to show you, on your computer what is going on. Your not just getting techspeak at the counter while others are waiting in line behind you, like at the store.

Many times being onsite a technician can spot issues with your computer you might not even know you had. Or find the one clue that gives us insight to what repair you need. When a technician can come to where the computer is being used they get the whole picture or what’s is happening. You just can’t see everything at a shop because some of the pieces are missing.

With Onsite computer repair your PC is fixed faster and more accurately because the technician can see everything going on with it. And for systems that can not be repaired onsite for whatever reason we offer free pick up and drop off anywhere in Reno. Which is still an improvement over waiting in line at the store and the technician still gets a chance to see your setup first hand.

So don’t drag your computer all over Reno and wait to get it back. Call RenoGeek  computer repair for a free phone consultation to find out more about our computer repair services. Or setup a service call today to have your computer fixed anywhere in Reno Nevada.

Computer Backup

reno computer backup

Reno computer backup

What’s the number one thing you can do to protect your digital life? Computer Backup! All machines get old and fail, computers included. All machines also need repairs and can suffer from all kinds of damage. The one thing that makes your computer useful to you is the data it holds. And protecting that data can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a complete disaster.

RenoGeek suggest that you have at least two different forms of backup on all your computers. This could be two different external hard drives. Or a drive and cloud backup or if your a larger company, backing up to a 2nd physical location. But no matter which form of backup you choose, test it to make sure it works and then DO THE BACKUP. I can’t count how many times I have seen companies start a backup policy and then when something fails I find out their last real backup was years ago.

Call RenoGeek today to check your current backup plan or to design a new one.

Something new on the fake “Microsoft” virus front

Had a service call today that was a bit different then the usual. Person texts me and says they have fallen for the MS scam that I have been writing about for years now. But half way through the “tech” trying to sell them the 5 year anti-virus program the customer gets smart to what’s going on and says he won’t pay up. Unfortunately he is still connected to them and the “tech” tells them to pay up or get locked out of the system.

The customer refuses and he is then logged out of his computer and locked out. I have not seen the “MS” scammers go this far before and as this is a new wrinkle in the way they do business I have the computer back in the shop to a full forensics exam and to gather some evidence in-case these losers are ever caught.

But just one more reason to NEVER let strangers into your computer.