Windows 10 Free Upgrade ends July 29th

Microsoft has announced that it will end it’s program to upgrade users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 for free on July 29th 2016. After the free offer ends users will have to buy Windows 10 as they have had to do with other versions of Windows in the past. Please contact RenoGeek if you need help in upgrading your system before the free offer expires.

Windows 10 upgrades

It seems that Microsoft is pushing end users harder and harder to upgrade to the latest operating system. And with that upgrade comes the need to learn how to navigate the new O/S, making older software work with the new version of Windows and finding newer drivers so that Windows will work with all your hardware. Not to mention setting up security to work well on this new O/S and changing the default privacy settings to increase your safety and protect your identity.

While all this sounds like a up hill battle with your system,  RenoGeek can help you make the transition to Windows 10 less painful. Call today to find out what we can do for you. Right at your home or office.

Reno Computer Repair

Since 2005 RenoGeek has been offering onsite computer repair and maintenance services to clients in Reno, NV. Now well into our 10th year we are lucky enough to have been able to have built a diverse computer support business.

Offering award winning repair, training and general assistance to both personal and business customers alike.

A small list of the computer support we provide would include…

  • Computer repairs. Done by a real computer technician with thousands of successful computer repairs and system builds during his career.


  • Advanced virus removal, using specialized in-house hardware and software. As well as industry standard tools. Overseen by a computer programmer with over forty years in the field.


  • Superior data recovery with the ability to retrieve lost files from the oldest devices to the newest solid state drives found in tablets and other “smart” hardware.
  • Backup support and training. Creating and then showing you and your employees how to make reliable backups that safeguard your important data.


  • Security training and support. Making sure your security measures are up to date and that your data is always safe.


  • Website hosting. RenoGeek can design and host almost any website. And you get to work with a local programmer who will help you build your pages and brand.


  • Helpful advice. Unlike many we don’t ask you for a credit card just to ask a few computer help questions. We don’t take advantage of people looking to answer a quick question. Need some quick help? Call us!



Reno Virus Removal

reno virus removal

Reno virus removal

Virus Removal by RenoGeek offers a superior virus removal service to those in the Reno Nevada area. Unlike many technicians today James, the owner of RenoGeek is a professional  programmer and fully understands how viruses are created, spread and infect computer systems and networks. RenoGeek not only uses expert level commercial anti-virus products but a host of in-house software and dedicated virus removal hardware not found at most repair shops.

RenoGeek does not waste time with quick scans that miss large parts of your computer files system. Instead we have the software, hardware and time to do full scans of everything on your hard drive. And all scans are preformed in a special environment outside of the Windows or Mac operating systems to insure that the viruses are not running in the background and interfering with the cleanup. Once the virus is removed we than go into your operating system and update / upgrade your antivirus products and change settings on your computer to protect it in the future.

Your system is then tested again to ensure a full cleanup before being released back to you. Using out hardware and special techniques RenoGeek has maintained a much higher success rate then the industry average. over the last 10 years.


Onsite Computer Repair at your Home of Office

Reno onsite computer repair

Reno onsite computer repair

Onsite computer repair at your home or office is just better then unplugging everything and taking it into a computer store to fix. A store can never see how your computer is currently setup and what is connected to it. So even if the computer works in their repair shop your computer may not work once you get it home because something connected to your PC was the cause of the problem or needs additional attention as part of the overall repair .

With Onsite computer repair you get real personal care and have time to ask questions and learn more about your computer system and the software that it runs. A Computer Repair with RenoGeek never rushes you and we can make sure all your questions are answered fully answered before leaving. As we can take the extra time to show you, on your computer what is going on. Your not just getting techspeak at the counter while others are waiting in line behind you, like at the store.

Many times being onsite a technician can spot issues with your computer you might not even know you had. Or find the one clue that gives us insight to what repair you need. When a technician can come to where the computer is being used they get the whole picture or what’s is happening. You just can’t see everything at a shop because some of the pieces are missing.

With Onsite computer repair your PC is fixed faster and more accurately because the technician can see everything going on with it. And for systems that can not be repaired onsite for whatever reason we offer free pick up and drop off anywhere in Reno. Which is still an improvement over waiting in line at the store and the technician still gets a chance to see your setup first hand.

So don’t drag your computer all over Reno and wait to get it back. Call RenoGeek  computer repair for a free phone consultation to find out more about our computer repair services. Or setup a service call today to have your computer fixed anywhere in Reno Nevada.