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RenoGeek's Freeware Computer Programs

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If you came here looking for my free programs they are listed below.

All programs listed here were written by myself.
Every program here is Freeware with no ads or spyware in them, Enjoy!

What's Running 2013

DownloadWhat's Running 2013 for Windows 7

What's Running 2013 is the follow up to a popular program I made back in 2002.

This new version will show you many of the things currently running on your system. Such as all Tasks and the .dll and services they are using. Installed programs. Bios and network card information. Drivers being used. Current Network Configuration and active connections. Hotfix's installed on your system. Memory usage and O/S Information.

All in a small footprint, no install package.

Tested on Windows 7 Systems.

(Freeware and Open Source as long as all credits stay in place.
I may add a list of users and other versions of this program as time permits.)
(Source code included in download).

God Mode Maker by RenoGeek

DownloadDownload God Mode Maker for Windows 7

God Mode Maker is a simple utility designed to create the folder and system icons used to access Windows 7's "God Mode". Which lets the user dive deeply into Windows 7's settings and controls.

Warning! Please make sure you know what you are doing before changing settings in Windows.

God Mode Maker is designed to work only with Windows 7.

RBU Ver 2.00 (Registry Backup Utility)

DownloadDownload RBU Ver 2.00 for XP and Vista

RBU Ver 2.00 (Registry Backup Utility) is a dirt simple registry backup tool that I use in my day to day work as a computer tech. Before doing any work on a customers system I use this tool so that I have a full backup of the registry just in case it may be needed.

The file is stand alone which means their is no install. Just click on RBU wait a few secs and a copy of the registry (registry-backup.reg) will be saved to the current user desktop.

If needed the backed up registry (registry-backup.reg) can be restored. Just click on (registry-backup.reg) and when Windows asks if you wish to add the information to the registry click on yes.

RBU has beeen used on Windows XP and Vista.


DownloadDownload PowerShell-V for Windows Vista

PowerShell for Vista or PowerShell-V is the newest version from my series of "PowerShell" programs.

Please make sure if you have and old version of PowerShell installed that you Un-install it first.
Also note that as Windows Vista is a new O/S and the fact that I have used past user input to base my programming on.
So some functions may have been dropped while I have added new ones.

PowerShell-V adds all the listed items to your context menus (right click).
Now you can re-start/shutdown, drop to dos, edit the registry and much more, faster!

PowerShell-V adds all these items to your context menus.
Right Click The "My Computer" icon.
Add/Remove Programs, Advanced Firewall, Backup and Restore, Calculator, Disk Cleanup, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Registry editor, Shutdown, Reboot, Security Center, System Properties, System Restore, Internet Properties, Reliability and Performance Monitor, System Config, System Information, Task Manager, and Windows Calendar.
In "New" property menus.
Batch File, HTML Document, Registration Entries, Cascading Style Sheet, Jscript, .Reg file, Vbscript.
Added Search Providers for the IE7 Search Box.,,, Wikipedia, YouTube.
Please Note PowerShell-V will only work with Windows Vista.

Make note that I have been using the name "Powershell" for a series of programs since April 2002 and "PowerDos" for years before that.
This program has nothing to do with the new Microsoft program called "PowerShell".


DownloadDownload Kill-UAC for Vista

Kill-UAC gets rid of the dimming black screen and popup that asks for your ok to run programs in Vista. Otherwise know as User Access Control or UAC which looks like this...

Note: Please make sure you understand that this program will stop a security feature (UAC) from working in Vista. And please read the readme file before installing.
If you are not sure what this program does or how it works then please do not download it.


DownloadDownload PowerShell-XP3.01 for Windows XP (SP2)
DownloadDownload PowerShell-XP2 Old Version for Windows XP (SP1)

PowerShell for Windows XP has been my most downloaded program for years and has been linked to from many sites on the internet.
PowerShell XP adds all the listed items to your context menus (right click).
Now you can logoff/re-start/shutdown, drop to dos, edit the registry and much more, faster!

PowerShell-XP3 adds all these items to your context menus.
Right Click The "My Computer" icon.
*Add/Remove Programs
*Clean Drive
*Control Panel
*Dos Prompt
*Edit Registry
*Quit Windows
*Security Center (New)
*System Properties
*System Restore

Right Click The "Drive(s)" icon's.
*Check Drive (New)
*Clean Drive
*Defrag this Drive
*Dos Prompt

Right Click a "Folder" icon.
*Backup this Folder
*Dos Prompt
*Copy to Folder
*Move to Folder

Right Click on a File.
*Copy to Folder
*Move to Folder

Highlight and then Right Click a word on a webpage.
*Search Current News (New)
*Search Encyclopedia (New)
*Search for Images
*Search Newsgroups
*Search the Web

In "New" property menus.
*HTML Document
*Registration Entries

PowerShell-XP3 will only work on Windows XP w/service pack 2.
PowerShell-XP2 will only work on Windows XP.

Strong Password Generator

Everybody by now knows how important it is to use strong hard to
guess passwords with your personal data and files.

Strong Password Generator is a small app that will produce a random,
very hard to guess password for you to use.

UPDATE: 11:37 AM 10/12/2013
I have created an online version of this program which is free to use.

RenoGeek's Strong Password Generator


DownloadDownload's SiteBlocker is a easy to use utility that lets you block website that you
don't wish to be accessed from your computer.
This is useful if you have kids or employees that visit sites you don't wish them to.

Note: Please make sure you read the Readme file for correct setup and use.

System Scanner

A simple easy to use System Scanner.
Shows bios, boot config, disk(s), desktop settings,
display, dma, floppy, ide controler, motherboard and much more.

James's Programmers Extensions

James's Programmers Extensions will add 5 items to the "new" context menu (right click).
1. Batch files (.bat)
2. Hypertext files (.html)
3. Jscript files (.js)
4. Registry files (.reg)
5. VBScript files (.vbs)

MSFS 2002 Long Range High Speed Business Jet

A concept (Mach 1.55/5,500nm) Business Jet.
For MS Flight Simulator 2002.
With 4 color schemes, pilot and co-pilot panels.

MSFS 2002 Long Range High Speed Mavjet

A custom (500 knot/2400nm) Airplane.
For MS Flight Simulator 2002.
With 4 color schemes, pilot and co-pilot panels.

NewStart Windows Theme for Windows XP

This Windows Xp Theme get's rid of the ugly green start button
in all the default WindowsXP Themes but keeps everthing else the same.
You will need to download Style XP in order to use new themes.
Visit them here


Still using Notepad to edit text in Windows?

Here's a better alternative.
Edit98 is a freeware text editor that overcomes many of Notepad's limitations.
You can open several text files at once with the program's multiple document interface.
You can load large files and you'll also find a status bar, print preview, and a search-and-replace function.

PowerShell ME

PowerShell for Windows ME adds all the shown items (see docs) to your
My Computer context menu (right click). Now you can re-start/shutdown, drop to dos,
edit the registry and more faster!